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Hiring Sales Professionals.

Highly commissioned sales positions available for motivated professionals.

We are a leading provider of marketing and business consulting services in the San Antonio area and South Texas. Our services are aimed at small to medium sized businesses with revenues less than $50m. We have been in the San Antonio area for approx. 17 years and have developed proprietary software that we use to provide dynamic and cost efficient services to our clients.

We are seeking commissioned sales professionals with a minimum of two years experience. Technology sales experience is a plus but not essential. Commissions provided are at the top end of the industry by percentage of sale and are guaranteed paid in a timely manner. We seek individuals who are quick to learn and efficient in their use of time. All sales professionals will be engaged on a contract basis and will be provided with:

  • Extensive initial and ongoing training in our industry and methods.
  • Email addresses for communication with clients.
  • Printed materials for presentation.
  • Clear commission structures and ongoing commission payments upto 6 months.

As a professional organization with a professional set of services we expect a professional approach from all sales staff. As our partner we expect...

  • You will have full independant transportation.
  • Have a presentable outlook.
  • Have no piercings or tattoos that cannot be covered.
  • Have professional attire.
  • Be able to learn the contents of each package and to be able to present.
  • Have a working cell phone.
  • Have access to a computer system with internet access at home or mobile.
  • Have knowledge of the internet, social networks and a working knowledge of websites.
  • Above average phone skills.
  • Have an above average command of English or Spanish, both is a plus.
Most customers will be billed monthly and you will also be paid on a monthly basis. All customers will be considered Phiskal customers and any direct billing will considered a violation and your services will be terminated. You will be paid the agreed amount for your services. If financing is provided by Phiskal for development services, you will be paid monthly and in accordance with payments made through our finance team.
Commissions will be discussed during the interview process. Commissions are typically between 15% and 40% of the gross sales pricing. Bonuses may be made available during certain promotional periods or for certain products. Commissions are paid semi monthly and on all sales that are completed before the 10th and 20th of the month.
We expect you to have some experience in closing a sale however, we will offer some training. Many of our products will require that you only provide information to the customer and prepare them to contact the main office where they closed. For these service packages commissions vary if you present a completed deal or if the deal is closed by individuals at the main office.

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